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Join the fun by participating in our monthly challenges.

 Get a group together and have fun making a difference.


April's Challenge

April's Challenge is to Egg others on to do kind things.  Print off our You've Been Egged flyer and go and drop off some Easter goodies.  Share with us what you did on instagram #miteeteam #eggingchallenge #eggotherstobemitee

October's Challenge

October's Challenge is to go and Pump'kin others up this October.  Say and do nice things.  Here are some flyers that you can print out and add to your service if you would like.  Take a picture and share with us how you pump'kin others up.  #miteeteam, #pump'kinothersup, #miteechallenge

September's Challenge

September's Challenge is Pick Kindness.  Go and choose what you want to do to make a difference.  Our MiteE Team Challenges you to the car wash challenge.  #miteeteam, #goodcleanfun, #carwashchallenge

April's Challenge

April is where out team started doing an Easter Egging activity.  Go out and "egg" others on to do king things.  We would take Easter eggs full of candy and leave a surprise Easter Egg hunt on someone's yard with kind notes and sayings inside of each egg.  Have fun adding this tradition to your Easter activities.  Enjoy.

March's Challenge

Make March memorable by doing nice things for others.  It is not luck that makes a person kind.  Enjoy!

February Challenge

For February go out and deliver a singing telegram to someone who could use it.  Choose a friend at school that may need a little pick me up, a shut-in neighbor that could use a kind word, or a co-worker who could use a little boost.  You choose, just get a group together and go and make their day the old fashioned way, with a little song and a treat, because kindness can't be beat.

Every Month there is something new to do:

Check in each month and see the fun ideas that we are sharing.

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