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About Us

The MiteE Team was created in 2012 by a mother of 12 children who wanted them to be a part of a group that's sole focus was on service.  At the time she had 5 teenage children that were always looking for things to do on the weekend with their friends.  She wanted to help them create fun activities that they could do that would leave a possitive impact on others.  That was when the MiteE Team was born.  It was created on the premise of the widow in the bible that gave her two mites.  They were not worth much, but she was still willing to give.  Sometimes in life we may feel like what we have to give is not worth much just like the mites, but we should give anyway.  We should give of our time, our talents and if nessisary, our money, but we should always be looking for ways that we can give.  Sometimes it is as simple as a smile or as big as organizing a fund raiser for someone, but that doesn't change the gift.  We believe that if everyone give of their Mite then we are MiteE together.  Please join us as we try to change the world one little act of kindness at a time.,


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